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I thought to share a a little snippet into the background of Pearl & Mason, so you can get to know a little bit more about me! Here it goes.....

You know when your career compass is so far off true North?!

My working life started out in central London, in corporate Finance. Every cell saying no, but every paycheque saying ‘Drinks on ME!’ You hear me right?
OMG thank-goodness I came to my senses, finance just wasn't my strength, so I ditched the dollar and started out in Retail buying.


Bottom of the food chain, bike and babysitting were my reality.
But I absolutely loved the variety each day bought and so unknowingly I began to carve out a career in Retail buying working for exciting British brands & learning the ropes to develop product with pride.


Our engagement then fuelled an incredible high, possibilities seemed endless and my excitement could have powered a small village. But….

The reality of planning a wedding and juggling your life and career is HARD!

Oh my goodness did I struggle to find the balance between wedding planning enthusiasm, nurturing our relationship and climbing the career ladder. Moments of triumph, and moments in the shit pit!

Our wedding was all US, bursting with love, it was incredible.

I just knew I had to share this experience with others. So one year later, a lotta coffee and a book filled with every squeak of advice from me and an army of fellow brides was collated and edited a bijilion times to finally launch…


my Little Wedding Book a guided FUN wedding planner book.

Overloaded with advice, worksheets and note sections to treasure, so you can really find the joy and happiness in your wedding planning journey.

I have been blown away with your support and feedback, fuelling me to grow Pearl & Mason to bring you ever more wedding keepsakes you can cherish a lifetime.


Our chapter like yours is just at the beginning. I am so excited to share every step of the way with you, as I hope you will share your wedding planning adventure with us too!

It is your adventure together, one pretty awesome one too, so what action would you like to take today to put your wedding vision into play? Share any plans or challenges, we're on board to help in any way!
Much love,








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