Top 5 Tips to Throw the Engagement Party You’ll Love

Knowing already how quickly this year is starting to disappear, it’s a massive reminder to how quickly the newly engaged celebrations come and go in a flash. 

How is it one day you are staring blissfully at your gorgeous bling and the next rocking in a wedding planning crisis corner! 

Firstly don't panic, we’ve got your back, and secondly it’s time to celebrate your newly engaged status, so come on let’s dive in…

 How to Plan the Engagement Party you’ll LOVE & cherish Perhaps it’s somewhere you both first met, or holds special memories, wherever you decide, ensure it’s a place where you both feel comfortable in, the idea of your engagement party venue excites you, and dread doesn't trickle in.

Next up.. Get it booked at least 3 weeks before your intended engagement party date.

This isn't always straight forward I know! Some venues require a deposit (like hello I have a wedding to pay for!!) so keep negotiating to get the deal you are happy with…

As an example the Bar/Club we chose, wanted a deposit to secure an area but we managed to agree to ordering a few bottles of champers upfront and some nibbles to offset that.

I totally appreciated their flexibility as venues that were so darn inflexible I crossed off the list immediately!

ps. If you plan to have some decor (highly advise!), say bunting photos of you both, balloons, check your venue is happy for you to put up.

You absolutely have this #newlyengaged selfie to hand, right?? 

Well with apps like, Phonto & Typorama, you can easily add text to this image to create your engagement party invite.

Write up your list of family and friends to invite….

Hint- keep your engagement party invite list Near and Dear!

Don't go inviting the world and his wife, think of the peeps you will invite to your wedding without hesitation. 

Save to your phone, and share either as a Facebook event, Insta message, WhatsApp …you get the gist but also to easily email to your family who might not be on the Social Media circuit.

Do request their RSVP, and make sure start time and address is clear.

ps. if the couple photo is a no go, just simply choose another!

Guaranteed, you will be playing your dreamy engagement story on repeat….so you absolutely don't want to be competing with loud music and bustling crowds.

8pm is great, older generations can join in for at least an hour or two before heading off or if its a friends only do, of course feel free to start later.

If you are having a day do, spare a thought for your guests/ neighbours on what time would be best for them too.If beads of sweat are forming at the thought of your in laws meeting your parents, you are not alone! It just isn't always straight forward, especially if your family make-up is somewhat disjointed.

That is why choosing a venue you feel relaxed and celebratory is so important.

With the fizz flowing, and gathering friends, there will be so much excitement a flow, that really this is the perfect opportunity for a first meet. And if you would prefer, you could always meet them earlier at the venue for a special fizz and clink!

The present of presence from your loved ones is overriding, but if your guests do ask what you would like as an engagement present, then know your reply.

I wish I had My Little Wedding Book given to me, to help kick start my wedding planning timeline, so a personalised wedding planner might be a perfect aid. Our Bride Box, is a pretty awesome gift too, everything to keep you both calm!

Our group of friends formed the tradition of clubbing together to buy each other a special Wedding Cake Knife Server Set to use on our wedding day.Vera Wang, Kate Spade, Tiffany have gorgeous wedding cake knife and server sets.

This is a cherished gift you can keep for your wedding day and will instantly hold such wonderful memories.

Other group ideas might be a Polaroid camera to capture the nights festivities and hold dear in a Guestbook, Couple Date Night or High Tea, something fun for you to enjoy whilst saving up for your Wedding Day.

Just remember, you both create your cherished memories together, so get going and plan an awesome Engagement Party you’ll LOVE!

Much Love,



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