Why NOT to start planning your wedding…..just yet!

Welcome to the New Year of 2019!

We are so thrilled to have you here and can’t wait to share with you Nuggets O’ Wedtips throughout your wedding planning journey.

So if you signed up to our Newsletter (merci buckets!). I might of mentioned my bare bum bride moment, not a pretty engagement dream peeps.

But according to exemplore.com, such a nudey dream represents feelings of helplessness in one's waking life. ... Starting a new career, beginning an artistic endeavour, or taking any kind of risk’…..damn right, 

Planning a wedding is a new career, one which comes with zero training!

Whilst getting engaged is such a thrilling moment we can so quickly get eaten up by the wedding logistics and expectations we hold ourselves to.

So as tempting as it is to dive into your wedding plans post engagement,

Have a read of our top 5 tips to hold off your wedding plans, and why……..

You will never experience your engagement time again.

So we are officially giving you an Engagement-Moon wedding planning free zone, bubbly & Monica elation at the ready!

Whether it go viral or a small/big reveal with friends get the celebrations started, you will cherish the love and joy that surrounds your engagement.

Journal it, write down all the detail of your engagement, the moment your partner asked YOU to spend the rest of your days with them. You will treasure this for years to come.

I grant thee permission to daze, twizzzle and keep checking your engagement ring is still there...don't panic, not much work will get done, its ok!

Shut down any overwhelm, speak back to any fear that creeps in, as you have everything in you to create the wedding you’ll love.

Rest assured you absolutely can do this, we will guide you through every step of your wedding planning, but for now just get out there and do your happy Engagement Dance ok!


We'd love to hear from you, share how you'll be kicking off your Engagement-Moon, or the steps you'll take to enjoy this special time....

Much love, 



ps. Stay tuned next week for our low down on pulling off the perfect engagement party, whoop!
pps. If you've already partied the shizzle out of your engagement, you're ready to get your wedmin on with your personalised wedding planner, Yay!



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