Pearl and Mason

MR & MRS Wedlib Prompt cards


Paging through your wedding guest's messages of love, wisdom and wishes for the future is an absolute treasure you will both cherish a lifetime.

Such a treasure deserves only the best quality, which is why we created our 'Wishes for the Mr & Mrs' wedlib prompt cards.

Individually foil printed on a vintage press on thick textured card, each card is then complete with a self adhesive strip for your guests to easily stick into your book.

These prompt cards are the perfect match for your wedding guestbook and your guests will love filling out these fun cards!

* Each pack contains 25 cards of one design

* Available in Gold, Silver or Rose Gold

* 1 pack is suitable for a wedding up to 50 guests, 2 packs for 100 guests

* Card size: 8.5cm x 6.5 cm

* Proudly made in the UK with FSC paper

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