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You know that niggling feeling, that just won't budge unless you take action on it?

Day 2 into our Honeymoon, and this is exactly how I felt.

The learning curve I experienced throughout our wedding planning journey was immense. It was a calamity of indecisiveness, personal high 5’s, naivety, triumphant bookings and cancellations, I could go on!

Sharing is caring, right?

So I gathered all the Nuggets o’ Wisdom I’d learnt, along with those near and dear and one year later…..

My Little Wedding Book, was born.

Your personal guide, journal and keepsake to find joy, and laughter in your wedding planning journey, whilst keeping you grounded throughout.

As our book has empowered and enlightened so many brides to be, our vision for Pearl & Mason has grown momentum. Crafted from the finest materials, our customised wedding guestbooks are the latest addition to the family, and with your support....

We will continue to deliver keepsakes you can treasure a lifetime.

Much love,  
About us Pearl and Mason founder Karen